Abyss Dry

Férfi ruházat

Front fastening trilaminate drysuit

Technical specifications

Watertight suit with rigid soled boots for cold water diving
> Diagonal fastener lets you dress without assistance and offers increased comfort
> Waterproof metal zip with pull straps at each end
> SI-Tech arm dump valve (manual and automatic) and chest valve
> Cone-shaped neoprene wrist seals with latex lining
> Internal elastic shoulder straps that can be adjusted and released
> Large rubber knee reinforcements and PU bottom reinforcement
> Boots with non-slip soles and fi n strap stud
> Two large zipped pockets with attachment rings
> 6mm hood with printed photoluminescent trim and Hood Holder

Design features:
Suit with diagonal front closure for unassisted dressing
Telescopic neck piece to simplify passage of the head.
Black with “Espadon” tone-on-tone graphic, for a modern, hi-tech look.
Diagonal watertight metal BDM zip on the front of the suit with double tab slider.
Fabric zip flap and Beuchat pull strap at each end to keep the suit taut while pulling the zip.
Collar and wrist seals:
Interior seal: cone-shaped in latex (can be shortened)
Exterior seal: neoprene, can be opened and closed, with Velcro fastener
Two side pockets with double slider zip fasteners
Dimensions: 24x16x5 cm
One 20mm plastic ring fastener in each pocket
Hood Holder on the right pocket
Light-reflecting trim on pockets
Si TECH chest valve with internal neoprene deflector
SI TECH manual or automatic trip dump valve at shoulder
Large rubber knee reinforcement
Large PU reinforcement covering the seat
5mm neoprene sole and instep
4mm neoprene shaft for flexibility
5mm reinforced rubber sole
1mm reinforced rubber instep and heel
Fin stopper
Detachable external elastic crotch strap to adjust the height of the bust.
Detachable and adjustable interior elastic shoulder straps to simplify dressing
Internal horizontal elastic compression at the lower back automatically limits air volume
Reflecting patch on shoulders for increased safety
Hood holder
6mm neoprene hood
Smooth neoprene face and neck seal
Hood with printed photoluminescent trim for increased safety in low visibility conditions.
Hood holder
Air Escape System: valve system to allow evacuation of air bubbles that build up inside the top of
the hood.
Equalizing system
Advisory for dressing:
- The crotch strap must be released or loosened to simplify the passage of the head through the neckpiece.
- The internal shoulder straps must be tightened correctly to limit the volume of air in the legs
- Once the head is through the neckpiece and the zip closed, carefully fold the excess material at the hips under the skirt (without forgetting the seat) then close and tighten the crotch strap.
Advisory for undressing:
- Open or loosen the crotch to simplify the passage of the head through the neckpiece.
- Once the suit is removed and dried, it should be rolled correctly around the boots to avoid
constricting the zip fastener during folding