Focea Comfort 4 - 5/7mm

Férfi ruházat

Quite simply the best one piece with collar

Technical specifications

The aim of the Focea Comfort 4: to maximise comfort,warmth and toughness!
Designed and developped in France
Top quality Beuchat pre-formed anatomical cut made up of 48 panels and 18 different neoprenes
Maximum comfort with anatomical cut, high-quality pre-forming,ultra-soft Elaskin neoprene and the Flex System
Maximum warmth with lining entirely in Fireskin and the Water
Dam System (Beuchat patent) to prevent the entry of water
Maximum resistance with Supratex reinforcements at shoulders,knees and elbows
Universal Computer Holder to maintain a computer in place
> High range suit for diving in cold and temperate water
> Modular concept: 7mm one-piece with hood or 3mm, 5mm or 7 mm one-piece with collar and over-vest with attached 5 mm hood or collar
> Ultra-soft Elaskin neoprene for improved comfort and greater freedom of movement
> Interior entirely in Fireskin for better thermal protection
> Női és férfi modellek

> Man’s version with black base colour, grey insets and two red V-shaped bands to emphasise the stature of the diver plus vertical white topstitching to highlight the sports aspect of the suit.
> Woman’s version black base colour with grey underarm insets and vertical blue topstitching to highlight the sports aspect of the suit.
Anatomical cut:
> High quality preformed anatomical cut (one-piece with collar: 48 panels and 18 different neoprenes / one-piece with hood 46 panels and 14 different neoprenes)
> Flex System: special « Flex System » embossing at articulations for increased ease of movement (inside the arm and behind the knee).
> Seamless stretch panels at articulations to reduce abrasion (armpits, inside elbows and behind knees).
> Preformed for the curvature of the lower back and crotch for a snug anatomical suit
> Separate hood (5mm) with smooth seal band and Hood Holder
> Hood holder
> Air Escape System
> Equalizing system
> Hood with printed photoluminescent trim for increased safety in low visibility conditions.
> Anatomical seal at base of hood allows free movement of the head without letting in water.
> External Supratex reinforcements at shoulders, elbows and knees for longer life and more flexibility.
> Embossed panels (+2mm) at knees for more flexibility.
> Reinforced seat.
> Thinner seamless face seal (-1 mm) for improved comfort, watertightness and durability
> Smooth inside collar for better seal and adjustable non-agressive elastic Velcro fastener that does
> not attach to the jersey or stitching
> Smooth neoprene zipped double outer wrist and ankle seals with interior turndown cuff in smooth neoprene and jersey lining.(3mm one-pièce with smooth rolled edge at wrist and zipped gussets at ankle)
> The edge of the bonding seam on the inside seals is cut at 45° to provide more elasticity and strength during dressing.
> Zipped neck opening with ultra-soft Elaskin gusset for more comfort on hoodless one-piece suits.
> Large « G-Lock plus » back zip with metal slider and profiled zip cover with Water Dam System embossing for better sealing (Beuchat patent) (3mm one-piece with standard back zip and neoprene zip cover)
> Zips at wrist and ankle (ankle zip only for the 3mm one-piece version)
> Reinforced neoprene at the end of all the zips to avoid any risk of tearing should the diver try to force the sliders.
Seal cuff finishing:
> Neoprene panels bonded edge to edge with external overlock
> Cuffs of outer seals edged for more strength.
> Notched inner seals for more flexibility.
> Universal computer holder