Smartskin Top Short Sleeve

Unisex ruházat

Smartskin Technology

Technical specifications

> Beuchat Smartskin intelligent technology
> Suits comprising three layers: an inner layer, the Beuchat Smartskin membrane and an outer skin
> New Beuchat Smartskin – breathable, windproof and quick-dry
> Smartskin delivers intelligent management of body temperature regulation by facilitating the transfer of moisture from inside to the exterior
> The Smartskin membrane blocks 100% of the wind, thus offering maximum protection from the cold. Users shielded against wind chill both before and after diving feel appreciably more comfortable ensures excellent thermal protection and comfort
> Protects against 98% of UV rays thanks to its high UV protection index UPF 50+
> Smartskin suits allow divers to maintain natural buoyancy (neutral buoyancy)
> Soft polar lining offers a high degree of comfort