Braca Concept: an exclusive innovation and a new patent from Beuchat!

BRACA CONCEPT: AN EXCLUSIVE INNOVATION AND A NEW PATENT FROM BEUCHAT Beuchat revolutionizes spearfishing apparel by inventing a simple, effective, hygienic and invisible solution to the problem of how to pass water without removing your suit: the BRACA CONCEPT The Braca Concept is an exclusive Beuchat protected patent innovation. Its triple baffle system provides a perfect seal, and is extremely comfortable thanks to the absence of a zip or Velcro fastener. It thus offers a fly opening system that is simple to use, hygienic and discreet. The Braca Concept is totally invisible on the suit. Braca Concept provides a perfect seal!

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Winter Győző   2015. November 11.

Morgan Bourc'his Interview

- At what age did you start apnea? I started quite late apnea, at the age of 21 years, while I was still in Poitiers during my university studies. I’m talking apnea club, i.e. a poorly structured. I had the chance to travel a lot with my parents so I always did a little snorkeling, diving and spearfishing when I was traveling around the Mediterranean. Otherwise, apnea as I practice today I started at age of 21.

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Winter Győző   2015. November 10.

Ouverture du "Selfies Game" sur Facebook

Les deux concours fêtant le 80e anniversaire de la marque Beuchat ont commencé.

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Winter Győző   2015. November 09.

Selfie Game on FaceBook

Created in 1934, Beuchat is celebrating its 80 anniversary. For this occasion, the brand created a contest on our Facebook pages: « Beuchat Spearfishing ». https://www.facebook.com/BeuchatSpearfishing

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Winter Győző   2015. November 08.

Pedro Carbonell Tour 2014 - 1st Stage

The Pedro Carbonell Tour is back for the 2014 edition in France ! Pedro Carbonell an except standards spearfisher with an impressive track record ( 3 times world champion , 3 times European champion and 8 times champion of Spain) and current captain of the Beuchat Team comes to meet the public to make a little tour of France to meet up passionnate

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Winter Győző   2015. November 07.


Morgan Bourc’his 2013 world freediving champion joined Beuchat athletes’ team.

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Winter Győző   2015. November 06.


In 2014 Beuchat is celebrating its 80th anniversary. Beuchat is the oldest company in the diving industry; it has been founded by Georges Beuchat in 1934 in Marseille (France) on the Mediterranean seaside. Georges Beuchat was an emblematic forerunner of underwater activities. Eighty years later Beuchat continues to be a worldwide market leader in scuba-diving, spearfishing and snorkelling.

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Winter Győző   2015. November 05.

BEUCHAT supports ELEMENTS, the girls odyssey

With ELEMENTS we share fundamental values such as friendliness, sea protection and on the importance we attach to the human dimension.

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Winter Győző   2015. November 04.

Regulators Made in France

Beuchat regulators : 100% Made in France Beuchat is the only brand that imagines, designs, develops and manufactures all its regulators in its factory, in France. Moreover, each regulator manufactured is checked and adjusted.

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Winter Győző   2015. November 03.