2015. November 05.
Winter Győző


In 2014 Beuchat is celebrating its 80th anniversary. Beuchat is the oldest company in the diving industry; it has been founded by Georges Beuchat in 1934 in Marseille (France) on the Mediterranean seaside. Georges Beuchat was an emblematic forerunner of underwater activities. Eighty years later Beuchat continues to be a worldwide market leader in scuba-diving, spearfishing and snorkelling.

Inspired by the sea since 1934

It all started in 1934, in the rocky coves near Marseilles, on the Mediterranean coast in southern France. It’s a fascinating story that begins with a keen underwater sportsman, Georges Beuchat, and his desire to communicate his fascination for the sea and underwater spearfishing as wide a public as possible. It is of course a story that continues to this day, marked by innovations that continue to leave their imprint on the lives of all who share his passion.

Among many, Beuchat is behind two of the most fundamental inventions for underwater activities : the speargun and the isothermal wetsuit