2015. November 11.
Winter Győző

Braca Concept: an exclusive innovation and a new patent from Beuchat!


Beuchat revolutionizes spearfishing apparel by inventing a simple, effective, hygienic and invisible solution to the problem of how to pass water without removing your suit: the BRACA CONCEPT

The Braca Concept is an exclusive Beuchat protected patent innovation. Its triple baffle system provides a perfect seal, and is extremely comfortable thanks to the absence of a zip or Velcro fastener. It thus offers a fly opening system that is simple to use, hygienic and discreet. The Braca Concept is totally invisible on the suit. Braca Concept provides a perfect seal!

The triple baffle system of the Braca Concept provides a perfect seal. It is extremely comfortable thanks to the absence of a zip or Velcro fastener

Pierre Roy, an international spearfisherman talks about the Braca Concept.

Pierre Roy is a French spearfisherman and a member of the Beuchat Team. He was one of the testers of Braca Concept prototype, this innovative system that we have included on the new spearfishing suits Rocksea Competition and Espadon Competition.

He gives us his feelings on the Braca Concept:

« It’s been just over 15 years since I use the traditional squeeze bottle, it has the disadvantage of being uncomfortable and not discreet… you need time to get used to. With Braca Concept it is different, the first time I put on an outing with friends hunters they have not even noticed that my suit had this new system. So I show them the Braca Concept. They thought it was great but were skeptical about the seal, they thought it was not waterproof. So, to prove to them that there was no sealing problem I jumped several times in the water from the boat and then I showed them that there wasn’t any  drop of water inside. And we did a great fishing!

Product information:

Braca Concept is available on the new Beuchat’s suits Rocksea Competition and Espadon Competition