2015. November 07.
Winter Győző

Pedro Carbonell Tour 2014 - 1st Stage

The Pedro Carbonell Tour is back for the 2014 edition in France !

Pedro Carbonell an except standards spearfisher with an impressive track record ( 3 times world champion , 3 times European champion and 8 times champion of Spain) and current captain of the Beuchat Team comes to meet the public to make a little tour of France to meet up passionnate

Pedro Carbonell Tour what is it ?
The concept is: Pedro Carbonell comes to meet French spearfisher of all levels, beginners, advanced or expert to be able to answer their questions, whether on the assembly of a speargun, a type of spearfishing or the behavior of a certain fish species. Pedro is at your disposal!

The first stage of Pedro Carbonell Tour 2014 is today Friday, April 4th on Atlantic coast in the store Sub Rochelle in … La Rochelle. Follows a series of dates:
April 5 at the store Scubaland to Brest from 14h30 to 19h
April 7 at the store Subatlantic Concarneau from 9.30am to 12am
April 7 at CPES Concarneau starting from 13:30. Spearfishing outing is organized by the CPES.

Suite of French his tour next week …