The Brand story

In the beginning

The company was founded by Georges Beuchat in Marseilles in 1934.  Georges was a young man of 24 with a fascination for the underwater world – a spearfishing enthusiast and who never tired of imagining and creating articles that would pave the way for the development of modern underwater sports.



He was first and foremost an untiring inventor, who built Beuchat into a brand renowned for pioneering  underwater activities. We could say that the development of Beuchat went hand in hand with that of underwater sports.

Notably, in 1953 Georges Beuchat invented the modern isothermic wetsuit. This groundbreaking innovation played a key part in the growth of underwater sports. Sixty years on, his vision of the underwater world remains valid even though new materials and techniques have evolved.

Just a few years later, Beuchat launched the Compensator Mask, the first mask with an angled window and finger wells for equalisation, followed swiftly by the first dive fin with power jets, the JetFin. These two pieces of equipment proved incredibly successful and are still sold today in dive shops around the world.

in our DNA

Our capacity for innovation stems from our desire to bring improved comfort and performance to underwater sports enthusiasts. Values which, as much as our drive for innovation, have always been in the DNA of the Beuchat brand.


Designed in France

Our unique identity acts as a guide for the marketing teams, designers and engineers who conceive and develop all our equipment at Beuchat’s HQ on the French Riviera, and who enable us to file multiple patents every year.


The sea was Beuchat’s original inspiration. It remains the source of our technical expertise and the environment in which the brand has developed naturally with the goal of allowing as many underwater sports enthusiasts as possible to benefit fully from our know-how and experience.





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