Marlin Revolution

Teak styling and outstanding conceptual performance for a legendary speargun

Technical specifications

REVO CONCEPT : An exclusive Beuchat innovation implementing muzzle pulleys and power band rigging with under barrel recovery (patented Beuchat design). The system procures increased thrust along the entire length of the barrel for improved accuracy and increased power, resulting in significantly faster shaft speeds. The system significantly reduces recoil at the moment of firing.
> Profiled barrel in teak laminate with carbon insert for optimized rigidity and buoyancy
> Marlin pistol grip with reinforced stainless steel mechanism and reel holder
> REVO CONCEPT muzzle pulleys on ball bearings with fast QRS shaft locking system and titanium fairings
> Rockwell 7mm stainless steel shaft with welded fin, slide ring, reinforced Off Shore barb and triface tip
> Power band propulsion set: One 19mm tractor band and two 16mm power bands with Spectra® line
> 1.6mm black mono-filament
> Offshore shock-absorber
> Spear speed at muzzle: 46m/s
> Total power developed: 460 joules
> Propulsion force: 62kg at start of thrust, 22kg at end of thrust
> Delivered with a carry bag
> Available lengths (cm): 85 /105 /120
The Marlin Revolution is the amazing result from a close collaboration between Beuchat and Marc-Antoine Berry