Beuchat C200

Beuchat Crawl C200 is designed for triathletes and outdoor swimmers in search of an efficient and multipurpose product.
Fully equipped with innovative technologies as Actilift System and Excellium, this model improves the swimming position to provide better results. An innovative pattern, Semy-Dry Zip, Elaskin and Closing Comfort Collar makes it particularly comfortable and fitted for regular training sessions as well as competitions.



Actilift System


This specific system by Beuchat is based on additional buoyancy on sides and breastplate, resulting in an optimal stability and balance of the body as well as reduced fatigue.





Beuchat’s specific coating applied outside of the wetsuit to reduce frictions and accordingly increase hydrodynamic.



Semi-Dry Zip


Specific zipper system designed to bring waterproofing to a whole new level for a maximum thermal protection.



Closing Comfort Collar


This particular collar system was designed by Beuchat with a monobloc, an inverted velcro and a fine adjustement to prevent uncomfortable experience.





Neoprene invented by Beuchat to improve performances, with additionnal buoyancy and flexibility, and maximize user’s comfort.


Size guide

  Height Chest Weight
XXS = 0 158/169 77 58/62
XS = 1 163/174 83 58/62
S SHORT = 2S 162/173 89 66/70
S LONG = 2L 175/185 89 69/75
M = 3 174/184 95 72/78
M LONG = 3L 174/184 95 74/80
L = 4 179/189 101 77/83
L LONG = 4L 185/194 101 78/86
XL = 5 184/194 107 81/89
XXL = 6 189/199 113 86/94